Red Bull Quest Destiny

Level up your game with Destiny Edition Red Bull cans featuring:

Bonus XP

One-time consumable

Focused Light is a one-time consumable Bonus XP buff which increases all experience gain by 50% for a period of 30 minutes. Each specially marked can includes a code. Multiple codes can be redeemed but one code can be used at a time. Once Redeemed, Focused Light appears as an in-game message at the Postmaster vendor. Please ensure you have free Postmaster slots before redeeming multiple codes to avoid losing Postmaster items.

Available Now

Epic New Quest

Destiny: The Taken King

This epic, new quest is a never-before-seen, multi-stage mission in The Taken King that will test the speed and strategic abilities of Destiny players in new ways. Quest only needs to be unlocked once per account. This content requires purchase of The Taken King on the Destiny account on which it is redeemed.

Available Now

Destiny and Destiny: The Taken King required to access Quest, sold separately. Quest exclusive to Red Bull promotion 9/18/15-12/31/15. No code required to access quest after 1/1/16. Destiny required to use Bonus XP, sold separately. Code for Bonus XP must be redeemed by 7/31/16.

Find your access code under the tab of any specially marked Destiny Edition Red Bull can available at retailers where Red Bull is sold.
Destiny Edition Red Bull 4 packs also feature codes and are available exclusively at Walmart.

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Become Legend With Flamesword

Watch the full video now
photo of Mike 'Flamesword' Chavez

Mike "Flamesword" Chaves, Red Bull athlete, pro player, former coach of OpTic Gaming and diehard Destiny fan is here to help build your legend. Upon launch of the Epic New Quest on September 15th, he will share tips and tricks - stay tuned guardians.

Quest Details + Rewards

Receive your Quest from Amanda Holliday,
located in the Tower next to the Hangar.


Complete Race Objectives on Patrol

  • Complete 3 Energy Spike patrols
  • Complete an Energy Spike patrol at Overcharge 3 or higher

Complete the S.A.B.E.R Strike in record time

  • Destroy 8 Sniper Shanks
  • Destroy the Ultra Shank Boss at Strike's End within 18 minutes
Image of SR-0 Swiftriver
SR-0 Swiftriver


Play and win Rift matches in the Crucible

  • Pick up the Spark in the Rift
  • Score by taking the Spark to the enemy Rift
  • Win 3 Rift Matches

Win in the Crucible as part of a Fireteam

  • Enter a Crucible match as a Fireteam
  • Win 3 Crucible matches as a Fireteam
  • Complete a match where someone in your Fireteam has the highest score
Image of Joyride Shell
Joyride Shell


Complete a modified "The Sunless Cell" Strike Activity at Level 40

  • Destroy 6 Shriekers
  • Destroy the Major Thrall Exploder, "The Unstable Cell"

Complete the Shield Brothers Strike at Level 40, and charge the core

  • Complete the Overlord Strike within 18 minutes
Image of SR-1 Swiftriver
SR-1 Swiftriver

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